Desire, Discipline & Determination: Lessons from Bold Thought Leaders

We are delighted to share that on Wednesday, August 14th, some 40 people gathered at the Del Vino Vineyards in Northport, Long Island for a Book Launch Party to celebrate the publication of Ellen’s best-selling book, Desire, Discipline & Determination: Lessons from Bold Thought Leaders. It was a beautiful evening, hosted by Corinne Hammons, CEO

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Get There and Keep Going: Managing Your Career Journey

It was an exciting opportunity and a privilege to be invited to speak at the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) Conference in Chicago recently, sharing the program with NFL MVP Peyton Manning, and Shark Tank’s Daymond John.  The 7,000 professionals attending the conference were at various levels in their career development, from those just starting

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“Where the mind is, there is the treasure”   It’s 2:00pm. You’ve had a full morning of back-to-back meetings. You had hoped to return to your desk an hour ago to “get some work done”, (as if you have not been working today). Meetings took longer than you thought they would. Your next appointment is in an

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Amydala Hijack

Keeping Your Balance

If people do or say things that upset us, that means we’re losing our balance. Inevitably what follows is that we are going to do or say something foolish that’s going to cost us in the end. So why do we lose control? Why allow emotions to take us over, cause us to do something ridiculous, and create a mess? Eventually, we’ll have to clean it up. So why do we do it?

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