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Executive Coaching

Our coaches have the experience and skill to understand the world in which business leaders and entrepreneurs operate and we use that ability to help people grow and change. With more than 30 years of experience creating a process that works with the unique strengths, challenges and demands of successful, growth-focused leaders, Cooperperson Performance Consulting serves as the strategic coach of choice to many of the country’s top business performers.

Proven success stories over last three decades in the professional coaching arena.

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Our Philosophy of Change 

The process of Change is difficult. We work with clients everyday who have struggled for years to overcome ingrained patterns. It is frustrating to take one step forward and two steps back. It is natural to encounter obstacles in trying to change. We have a philosophy though, underlying our approach to change, that has helped hundreds of clients to change quickly. They have found change to be easier because they believe these basic assumptions to be true: 

  1. That people have a healthy side that wants to be happy and fulfilled.

  2. There are several basic needs that will lead to being happier if they are fulfilled. 

  3. People can change if they make a conscious decision to be rigorously honest, ask for help, accept guidance, get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and become willing to take a few simple steps.  

  4. One approach does not fit all. Integrating and combining several powerful change strategies helps more people than a traditional approach.  

  5. No one has time to waste. 


The Ellen Cooperperson Executive Coaching Program Features:

  1. Development of Measurable Goals and Plan of Action – the blueprint for change 

  2. Scheduling and Facilitation of Customized Coaching Sessions

    • Offered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly​

  3. Review of assignments, feedback, advice, and direction 

  4. 15-minute check-ins between sessions as needed

  5. Micro-learning videos

Express Skills

Our individual, 90-minute virtual coaching sessions are perfect for focusing on an urgent challenge that demands quick thinking and powerful skills. Discover exciting, breakthrough techniques on the following topics: 

  • Get Along with Anyone 

  • Manage Someone’s Difficult Behavior and or a Situation  

  • Coach a Team Member to Meet a Target or Change a Behavior 

  • Engage in a Courageous Conversation – Resolve a Difference when the Stakes are High, Opinions Vary, and Emotions Are Strong 

  • Set A Priority and Make a Timely Decision 

  • Maintain Emotional Sobriety in a Stressful Situation 

  • Take Three Simple Steps to Break a Habit That is Keeping You Stuck   

  • Select Perfect Phrases for a Tough Conversation 

  • Create a Personal Vision 

Coaching On-Demand

15-minute virtual coaching session to transform your thinking and break a pattern of self-defeating behavior. 

Topic Examples:

  • Get Free of a Fear, Resentment or Anxiety 

  • Overcome a Feeling of Insecurity or Rejection 

  • Break out of the “Not Good Enough” Mind Trap 

  • Bounce Back After a Set-back 

Coaching On-Demand

Assessments - DISC Plus

Understand Yourself and Others

We offer a variety of Disc Assessments to suit your specific interests and needs. Please contact us if you have questions about which assessment is best for you.

Once you order your assessment, you will receive a link to take the assessment online. The Assessment typically takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.


You are welcome to take the assessment on its own or to take advantage of our “Customized Coaching Debrief Session” option. Here you can combine the assessment and a 90 min virtual meeting with a seasoned master coach to discuss your strengths, opportunities for growth and get a customized development plan to help you achieve your goals.


Designed for employees at all levels to understand their own and other’s behaviors and how to build more effective relationships.


DISC Workplace Assessment $100

DISC Workplace Assessment PLUS 1 hour Debrief & Coaching Session $500


This assessment provides a wealth of information about your management style, what motivates you and what drains your energy. Additionally, you’ll learn how to connect better with others whose priorities and preferences are different from your own.


DISC Management Assessment $120

DISC Management Assessment PLUS 1 hour Debrief, Coaching Session and Customized Development Plan $520


This assessment accurately measures an individual’s ability to sense, understand and effectively apply emotional well-being to be productive and collaborate on a high-performance team.


DISC Social-Emotional Intelligence $120


This assessment examines the behaviors leaders bring to the organization, the motivations that drive them and the ability to demonstrate the qualities of a great leader. The report and debrief provides specific details about the how, why and what is needed for superior performance.


DISC Executive Leadership $150

DISC Social-Emotional Intelligence PLUS 1 hour Debrief Consultation and Development Plan $520

DISC Executive Leadership PLUS 90 min Debrief Consultation and Customized Growth Plan $750

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