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  • Connect is a powerful learning and development system that significantly enhances relationships, employee engagement and the achievement of great business results
  • The connect tool kit provides the missing link in typical training and development programs – “the human factor” which enables employees at all levels to increase their effectiveness with others at work and in life


  • 8 Video Based Micro-Lessons
  • Quizzes, Games & Pre-Post Tests
  • DiSC Assessment
  • 12 Reinforcement Energizers
    Delivered Monthly

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As a Chief Learning Officer, your responsibility is to enable teaching of all types of skills within an organization. Not only is interpersonal communication a skill to be taught, but in essence it is the foundation skill. That’s because the ability to absorb information directly impacts how that skill is going to be adopted. So, understanding the communications personality of the individual and providing for their style is the key to successful learning, and the key to the success of your vision within the company.

Trusted Advisors:

Your job is to produce results for your clients. But many times bottlenecks—some of which are created by clients—are out of your control. The result is friction with clients (even if they are the source), occasional missed deadlines and an immeasurably tougher job for you. To produce the results you and your clients want, effective communications are a must, and Connect 4- Effective Communication can deliver this. Do yourself a favor, take the Connect 4- Effective Communication program yourself. We are positive you will immediately see the bounty in the program in terms of facilitating your clients’… and your own needs.


Coaches already understand how communications impact results. You probably are familiar with DISC. So to you we are saying that this system is the easiest and stickiest way to get your clients to both understand and use the DISC tool. And it is yet another important offering you can deliver. And, it will make your job immeasurably easier.


This is a broad area—you can be a consultant in any part of an organization. That being said, the common denominator is effective communications. You connecting with your clients, and your clients connecting with the individuals in their sphere who determine success and failure. Connect is an easy way to get great results for you and your clients. Try it for yourself and you will see its power from the getgo.

Human Resources:

You understand exactly where the battles are with your organization’s people. You also know the stakes. Wouldn’t it be great to have an easy, painless way to solve your organization’s most pressing issue? Proper flow of communications within every corner of your organization? So that there is a single language being spoken? A language that everyone fully understands and acts upon? That is what Connect 4- Effective Communication delivers. And as an HR pro, try it you will see it immediately.

Technical Professionals:

In some positions which require skills in technology, data and/or numbers: IT people, accountants, actuaries, and “back office” positions, sometimes it is difficult to communicate with others… especially those who may not be that technically inclined. Compounding the issue is that many people in these business sectors are naturally introverted or have challenges in easily relating to, or communicating with others. So while it is important to not make the content the barrier, understanding communications styles can be a powerful tool to enhance the communications and teamwork among these highly skilled individuals who are critical to your organization. This is easily delivered by Connect.

Why it's Unique

It's Easy

The step-by-step process within a series of short interactive lessons is meant to be absorbed by all users regardless of their personality style. Yes we integrate the basis tenet of our system into the learning we have created. You can say that we truly walk the walk. And so will you!

It's Immediate

Whether the user watches the first five-minute lesson or absorbs the entire program in one sitting, Connect has been created so that the learning is immediately applicable. The core concepts are so simple and so recognizable as truth—because the user has already experienced exactly what we are indicating is a core problem with interpersonal communications—that the understanding is instantaneous.

It's Short

The majority of the eight micro-lessons are less than 10 minutes each. And the concepts are easy enough that for many, a single sit-through is enough. The downloadable PDF bonus tips associated with each lesson are designed to help with some of the key details and they can be absorbed anywhere and anytime.

The energizers arrive in the inbox monthly to give reinforcement to the learning so that it can be consistently used in the work environment. The formats and lengths of the energizers vary, but they take up no more than a fraction of time on a monthly basis.

It's Interactive

As communications learning and development specialists we understand how people need to receive information in order for it to be effective. That’s why the lessons are mixed with video vignettes with live actors to illustrate situations so that the user can recognize and identify with the concepts in real life, interactive graphics for emphasis and narration from Connect creator Ellen Cooperperson. Many training videos are long affairs with talking heads. Clearly there is a better way and we do it.

It's Sticky

Connect is designed to be an unfolding story. So each lesson builds on the preceding one. This format, the use of interactivity and most importantly, the 12 energizers that begin to arrive upon completion of the core eight-lesson program creates an ongoing engagement with the user that ensures the lessons stick.

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