Desire Discipline & Determination

By Ellen Cooperperson Paperback – Autographed Copy

Ellen Cooperperson was a 26-year-old single parent to a five-year-old boy. At age 14, Ellen’s son was diagnosed with “incurable cancer”. The surgeon’s words, “Prepare yourself, your son will die,” began to crumble her world as she KNEW that he would not. Fiercely determined, she found the one man who could save her son’s life, together they made medical history…

Ellen Cooperperson was a 26-year-old single parent to a five-year-old boy. At age 14, Ellen’s son was diagnosed with “incurable cancer”. The surgeon’s words, “Prepare yourself, your son will die,” began to crumble her world as she KNEW that he would not. Fiercely determined, she found the one man who could save her son’s life, together they made medical history.

11 years later, Ellen’s son was diagnosed with HIV he contracted from the blood transfusions that had cured his cancer. At the time, AIDS was untreatable. The drugs he needed were “impossible” to get, but “impossible” was not in her vocabulary. By the grace of God and connecting with generous people, Ellen got to the chairman of Merck Sharp & Dohme, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Ellen made her case and received the drugs they needed in two weeks instead of two years.

The blood transfusions also gave her son hepatitis, and four years later he was diagnosed with fungal meningitis—two more death sentences. By then, Ellen new the drill, “There is no medication to cure him. You have to be realistic—prepare yourself. Nope, I don’t think so. God’s amazing grace. Connect with wonderful people. Get the right stuff. Get him cured. Move on with life!”

Although she was told she’d never have grandchildren, Ellen was blessed with two, both with non-verbal autism.

On a night celebrating her son’s life with people from around the world, Ellen and son tell how they managed to cheat death for four decades.

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“I bought this book after seeing it on LinkedIn and was hoping to find some inspiration and hope in order to make it through my 10 hour day at my corporate office cubicle. That is just what I found in Chapter 37. It opened my mind to the different possibilities and opportunities out there, you just have to find them. They will not find you!”

-Jason Ziegler

“Wow! It’s always refreshing to be inspired and reminded of the power of desire, discipline, and determination. How many no’s to get to the yes? How many failures for the success? These authors have great stories to motivate each of us that we, too, have what it takes to push through into our greatness.”

– Tammy M. Thrasher

“Ellen is genius in understanding personal and organizational challenges and providing just enough guidance and hints to help you find your own epiphany. Inspirational on all counts! Always uplifting and far reaching! Can’t wait to finish!”

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“We all of dreams, things we want to achieve. Some think that the path to their goal should be easy. Those who have achieved realize that it is not necessarily easy. It takes Desire, Discipline and Determination to achieve. These stories are inspiring because the people that wrote them could be your neighbor. They are not bigger than life, they are not TV stars (except one). They are quietly living their lives, getting things done. I applaud this collection and the authors with the guts to tell their stories.”

-Felecia Froe

“This book is filled with stories chock full of hope. Not your normal heroes – but heroes none the less for what they have accomplished and the good they are bringing to the world.”

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“Love reading about how each story enduring some kind of hardship or obstacle and the Desire, Discipline, and Determination it took to overcome these hardships. A must read for anybody looking for success in either their personal life or career. Once you start reading, you cant put the book down. Just Amazing the heart and passion of these authors.”

-Tracy Davis

“The road to accomplishment is rarely a straight path. This is an inspirational collection of personal accounts of overcoming adversity, challenges, and self-doubt on the path to achieving great things!! In Desire, Discipline, and Determination, you will be amazed, inspired, and moved to keep moving in the direction of your dreams. I thank these amazing authors for sharing their stories.”

-Renee Capelo

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“Very inspirational and powerful real-life stories.”

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“All I can say after putting down the book is


, so beautifully written. You are an amazing writer Ellen! I really love your writing form. It keeps you captivated and you feel for the struggles you and your son endured. And as a mom, I know your struggle was more than he will ever be able to truly appreciate… God bless you both. May your future be filled with much love, happiness and understanding.”

-Patty Slack

“Desire is the starting point of all success. But without determination and discipline, your goals will fall short. In the new book Desire, Discipline & Determination, Lessons From Bold Thought Leaders, my long-time friend Kyle Wilson and his fellow contributors created a powerful book that will inspire and encourage you to identify and achieve your dreams.”

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“What separates good from great? Everyone has desires but not everyone has the discipline and determination to go after them. Kyle Wilson’s new book showcases the stories of his and fellow forward thinkers’ experiences to inspire you to live boldly and stay the course to turn your dreams into a dream lifestyle.

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“My friend Kyle Wilson and his fellow contributors share powerful, heartfelt stories and lessons in Kyle’s newest book Desire, Discipline & Determination, Lessons From Bold Thought Leaders. You will be both inspired and challenged. Enjoy!”

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“Hello Ellen, I just finished reading your story! I am blown away at what you have been through! It is truly inspirational and moving! You are a very strong woman! I will keep your family in my prayers!”

-John Malizia, President, A-1 Roofing

“Read your book and all I can say is WOW!! Unbelievable – the strength you and your son portrayed and continue to portray. It really, really blew my mind. “

-Maria Zichi, HR Specialist, A-1 Roofing

“Enjoyed the read. Good book!”

-Dr. Alan Sherr, Northport Wellness Center

“To say I was moved by it, is a large understatement. There’s no other word that comes to mind regarding you after reading that, other than courageous. I’m blessed and honored to be able to assist such a powerful, genuine and driven spirit such as yourself. I’ll continue to read the rest when I can, but I just wanted to let you know…. your chapter moved me and hit all the feels Bravo for the family overcoming! Nothing is impossible! “

-Tommy Panissidi, Manager, Flexible Systems