ROI Construction and Home Improvement

Construction and Home Improvement

Project Objectives:

The company was one of 30 franchises for a major brand in the home improvement industry. Lagging sales, lost clients and personal issues was causing the CEO to be short tempered etc. His attitude and behavior was demoralizing the management team.  Conflicts were breaking out among the leadership group as they fought to fill a void in the key leadership position.  The franchise owner contacted CPC for assistance.

CPC Solution:

  • Provide Executive Coaching for the CEO to uncover critical issues.  Within a few weeks of one-on-one meetings his complaints were transformed into new commitments with a renewed energy to act on them.
  • Leadership Team Building Training was provided for the team to realign them behind their noble cause and re-engage with their core values.
  • A series of Courageous Conversations resolved conflicts for the team to work more cohesively.  Together they devised a plan to break all company records.
  • CPC analyzed the close ratio and success rate in the other companies to see what they were and weren’t doing.
  • Using that information and through training, the sales team was now working with a qualified lead and the conversion rate from call to close rose steadily.
  • This success led top management of the entire holding company to retain CPC to work with all franchises.


Increased average sale by $3,000 for each new client

Broke all-time sales record, moving from 6th to 1st place in the country.

Project Duration:

8 months