ROI Not for Profit


Project Objective:

Prioritize initiatives, organization was operating in separate silos and goals were independent of each other

CPC Solution:

  • Team training, Goal setting, Leadership Training, Seal Team Fix (STF)
  • Balanced the scorecard, created their goals to be interdependent on each other and broke up the silos
  • CPC met with the shift workers, who interacted with the public in the health care industry.
  • The turnover was high, so CPC evaluated each employee to learn their career aspirations. CPC analyzed the data and suggested a career path for each employee.
  • CPC provided coaching and developmental training with direct support professionals.  – Seal Team Fix (STF) and created a team of people to train as mentors, career coaches.  The STF significantly reduced turnover and the staff could see their work had an end game – the career they wanted.


Acquired $50m org, reduced turnover from 35% to 15%

Project Duration:

12 monthsnonprofit