ROI Retail

Service Merchandise

Project Objectives:

Re-structure the company and develop processes to ramp up from 50 to 350 employees across the North East in three months.  Set the company up to service a $13 million contract from a big box retailer.

Recruit, hire, on-board and train 300 employees.

Custom design and implement “Boot Camp” training to transform sole contributors and supervisors into managers and leaders.

CPC Solution:

  • Formulated the strategic plan, including the organizational structure to support a company about to grow almost overnight to 350 employees.  Working with Executive Partners across the North East to recruit, hire and on-board new employees in several states that have different HR requirements and laws that had to be followed.requirements and laws that had to be followed.

  • Train all leaders and managers in an intense 5-day retreat, providing on-going follow-up and reinforcement.
  • Encourage the CEO to focus on a small independent dedicated group to sell a proprietary software product to other retail locations


Maintained $13 million contract for 3 years.  New CEO of big box retailer decided to bring the entire project in-house.  The decision to launch a parallel business and grow it over the three years allowed the company to make an easy transition to this new revenue stream

$13M contract for 3 years

Project Duration:

Launch 3 months, Leadership development and strategic coaching 36 monthsservice_merchandising