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Women Now - Documentary Cover
Produced and directed by Ellen Cooperperson in 1978, this 42 minute presentation is not only a nostalgic recreation of the early days of the feminist movement, but a must see for the next generation about why the struggle for equality must continue.
  • From a 40 + year perspective “Women NOW” answers significant questions about feminism, the Women’s movement, and the most powerful feminist group in the nation.
  • Today, “Women NOW” creates a forum for an extraordinary consciousness raising experience!
  • The video also includes the 25 minute film, “Yes Baby, She’s My Sir”. This animated and live dramatization explores the world of language and its impact on people’s lives.
* 10% of each sale is donated to Women’s Educational & Coaching Center.
A 501c3 Founded by Ellen Cooperperson in 1978

Start Communicating Effectively Now and Optimize the Effectiveness of Every Aspect of your Business…

  • Connect is a powerful learning and development system that significantly enhances relationships, employee engagement and the achievement of great business result
  • The connect tool kit provides the missing link in typical training and development programs – “the human factor” which enables employees at all levels to increase their effectiveness with others at work and in life

DISC ENERGIZERS are designed to bring the 4 DISC Styles to life. These short videos and follow-up activities can be integrated into team meetings or virtual training to reinforce and deepen people’s understanding of the styles. These micro-lessons can help people who have just participated in a classroom training or in the Cooperperson Performance Consulting “Connect 4 – Effective Communication” online video course, to help participants apply their understanding of the four personality styles.

The DISC Energizers package includes 12 animated videos that focus on the strengths and development opportunities of each style and Do’s and Don’ts exercises to improve communication and team effectiveness up, down and across an organization.


Helps learners increase self-awareness around conflict behaviors. Discover how to effectively respond when opinions vary, emotions are strong, and relationships are at stake.

Measuring four behavioral styles providing insight into how members of staff, management and leadership are likely to respond to certain situations.

Focuses on leadership best practices and tangible steps to lead a group or organization toward desired outcomes.

Provides the ability to read the styles of the people you manage and bring out the best in each employee.

Accurately measures a person’s EQ, which is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power of overall emotional well-being to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity. Valuable tool for in-succession planning.

Unlocks the why behind an individual’s actions and reveals how each person is motivated at work and in life.