Family Business Consulting

Family Business Consulting

Keep the entrepreneurial spark in your family business.

CPC Will Help You Create the Ultimate Legacy for Your Family-Owned Business.

  • Preserve Harmony
  • Ensure Financial Stability
  • Develop the Next Generation of Leaders

We partner with our family business clients to strengthen the family unit, while increasing the bottom line, reducing stress and assuring the financial security of family members and the succession of the business to future generations.

Family-owned businesses are complex, integrated organizations that have the added pressure of familial relationships. These relationships create issues and problems that are different from non-family-owned companies. CPC knows all of the unique ownership, employment and financial needs of family-owned businesses. With more than 25 years of experience working through the challenges and joys of operating a family-owned business, CPC understands that family dynamics are different from other businesses–and why you deserve solutions that maximize the bottom line while keeping the family in harmon

Change and Transition

CPC’s team of professionals will guide you through the unique structural and emotional hurdles that are inherent in a family business going through a change or transition in leadership.

Conflict Management

Every family business and dynamic is unique. CPC will develop a conflict management process exclusive to your family business.

Crisis Management

A crisis is never planned, but they occur. CPC’s professional team will respond immediately to strategize and analyze your options and the potential consequences of those choices and opportunities.

Family Meeting Facilitation

A well-planned meeting is how a family business maintains alignment in strategic goals and vision.

Finance and Wealth Planning

CPC’s professional team will guide you through the choices and decisions that are unique to a family business.

Governance and Board Development

No matter the size of your family business, the need for policy, objectives and strategy is a key to success. Working closely with CPC, developing effective governance will give every family member, in or out of the business, peace of mind.

Management and Organizational Development

Family dynamics are complicated. Merging those dynamics with best practices, accountability and compensation requires an expert in family business.

Succession and Exit Planning

Transitioning a business from one generation to the next is a complex process that requires trust and planning. CPC will guide you through the process working closely with family stakeholders and key non-family professionals.