Solutions Overview

Cooperperson Performance Consulting’s award-winning team have supported thousands of business leaders to effectively implement and manage change and rapid growth by providing services in:

Executive, Management & Professional Development

    • Leadership Coaching
    • Executive Coaching
    • Business Coaching
    • Management Coaching
    • Management Skills Training
    • Supervisory Skills Training
    • Project Management Training

Strategic Planning

    • Succession Planning
    • Exit Strategy

Customer Service Training

    • Customer Service/Hospitality Training
    • Script Development/Talking Points
    • Train-the-Trainer Programs
    • Culture change/culture integration
    • Team building
    • Creating Motivational Enviroments
    • Brand Integrity & Alignment
    • Corporate & Board Retreats
    • Exit Strategies

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Moving through the stages on the way up to Peak Success (and sustaining your position there) requires change and organizational reinvention. You are no longer the same company you were. For a leader, going through this process alone can be at times painful, frustrating and very costly.


The next stage of growth

Taking that first step toward getting quality, experienced support can be difficult, but for 25 years CPC has eased the way as the performance solution consultancy of choice for public and private companies across the country. Understanding Small Business Challenges, Cultivating Success for Mid-Size Firms, Protecting The Position of industry leaders.

Managing the cycle

Every company-regardless of size, industry or market-must adapt to the shifting demands of the business life-cycle in this 24/7 global economy. To succeed, every company needs champions to objectively challenge, lead, promote and support optimum growth and development.

CPC offers a seasoned team of C-level executives that enables businesses to master transitions and manage next-stage success. We are your one-stop source for Executive Coaching, Customized Training, Selection Interviewing, Surveys/Assessments, Process Improvement, Human Resources Systems, Financial Management, Brand Alignment, Teambuilding.