Transformation in Business through Professional Coaching
Creating a Culture of Passion, Purpose & Profit

Our distinctive core strength is targeted behavioral coaching.

We have a proven track record for measurably changing behavior.

Our coaches have the experience and skill to understand the world in which business leaders and entrepreneurs operate and we use that ability to help people grow and change.

With more than 30 years of experience creating a process that works with the unique strengths, challenges and demands of successful, growth-focused leaders, Cooperperson Performance Consulting serves as the strategic coach of choice to many of the country’s top business performers.

The coaching industry is only 30 years old, but has worldwide popularity, because it works.
A study with 100 executives from Fortune 1000 companies found that the average ROI was more than 5 times the initial investment and found the executives improved in the following areas:


Working relationships with direct reports

Working relationships with peers


Working relationships with immediate supervisors

Productivity 63%
Organizational strength 58%
Development 90%
Customer Service 79%
Reduced customer complaints 94%
Retaining executives who received coaching 62%
Cost reductions 64%
Job satisfaction 61%
Conflict reduction 76%
Organizational commitment 67%