Transformational Change Management

Transformational Change Management

An organization with new processes, systems or structures will only be as successful as the people who have made their own transformation.

Every organization is different and requires a strategy specifically tailored to its unique needs.

The key to any transformational or strategic change is the CEO and top management. First they must present the reasons for the change, build excitement for it, engage the best people and resources to implement the transformation. The easier you can make the journey for your staff, the more your organization will succeed. The DICE Transitional Curve helps you predict how people will react to change and assist them with their personal transitions.

DICE: The Four Key Elements of Change


We calculate the DURATION of time until the transformational change is completed or milestones are reached.


We evaluate the INTEGRITY of the team’s performance.


We assess the COMMITMENT and willingness to change of top management and staff effected by the transformation.


We assess the EFFORT, motivation and drive of employees who exert themselves over and above their usual work.