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Women in Leadership

Leadership is not a position or a job title, it’s a purpose.

Accelerate your transition into a leadership role with the skills you’ll learn from CPC to break through the roadblocks that protect the glass ceiling.

Women Executives

Women are on the playing field in unprecedented numbers but they are still not being promoted at the same rate as their male counterparts.

Are you an Emerging Leader?


Are you a High-Potential Leader?


CPC will give you the inside connection to the Games Your Mother Never Taught You.

Understand the dynamics of influence in your organization


Office politics

Office politics are a fact and one staffing change can dramatically shift the balance of power. CPC will show you how to build your sphere of influence to navigate through any transition


Playing Field

Create a dialogue to build trust and relationships


Gain Support

Use your influence to gain support for your initiatives and projects



Learn how to build your own business network and then use that network to your advantage. Leverage your contacts to find hidden assets and opportunities others might not recognize

  • Cooperperson Performance Consulting’s unique programs guide women leaders to assess and address their unique strengths and challenges, as well as navigate the frequently complex dynamics of strategic business leadership.
  • Our programs give you the mindset and competencies necessary to transform from an effective boss into a successful and valuable leader.
  • Their strengths – including the ability to collaborate and create a dialogue to build trust and relationships – are now seen as vital to organizations.
  • They are elevating corporate consciousness and advocating for values and work styles that when applied, transform the workplace.
  • Our programs can accelerate your career and provide strong techniques to effectively lead in your organization. Build on strengths and highlights the specific behaviors that are critical in effective leadership.
    • Address key business and personal leadership challenges and explore how to analyze and approach them as opportunities.
    • Compare different leadership styles and outcomes..
    • Develop plans for actively managing personal leadership paths.
  • Learn how to move  up the ladder of corporate hierarchy and hone your skills as a highly effective, visionary leader.

Ellen Cooperperson and The Alternative Board (TAB) Launches First All-Female Board


TABThe Alternative Board of Suffolk County (TAB), a provider of peer advisory boards and executive coaching services, today announced the formation of a board open exclusively to women business owners. The landmark board will be the first of its kind for the international franchise, which operates in seven countries and boasts 3,000 members in the US alone.  This one‐of‐a‐kind opportunity will empower women business owners to achieve more profitability, productivity and personal fulfillment, through the unique setting of women‐only board meetings.

The board will be facilitated by local business expert and CEO of Cooperperson Performance Consulting, Ellen Cooperperson, who brings more than thirty years’ experience as a female entrepreneur to the table. “The meetings will focus on the challenges specific to female entrepreneurs,” Cooperperson shared, “in addition to tackling the issues faced by all business owners.” Starting with six members, the board can grow to a maximum of twelve, and there are plans in place for the launch of a second board catering to women service providers. The board is open to women who currently own and operate businesses grossing over $5 million.