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These results have made Cooperperson Performance Consulting the solutions consultancy of choice for organizations throughout the US. Our training processes are licensed in Australia and New Zealand.

Is your business ready for the next level of growth?

Realize the importance of organizational culture within your business.

Measurably improve the performance of your business and position it for growth and profitability.

Long Island Business News features family business success of CPC Client
Putting People in the Formula
JobLine on News 12 Features Ellen Cooperperson and Chuck Sodikoff
Defining & Understanding Corporate Culture
Courageous Conversations Demo
Explore The Corporate Life Cycle
Video Testimonials
Margaret Krumholz,
President DISC Graphics
Ron Bergida, EVP
Gilbert Displays
Robert Lloyd
Executive Director, LICCV
Steven Koss
President, Sheralven
Liz Smith
Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley
Wayne Redman, Executive Director
Hempstead Boys & Girls Club