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 CPC & Ellen Cooperperson

Founder, President, CLO

Cooperperson Performance Consulting is uniquely qualified to design initiatives that will align individual and organization behavior behind a shared strategic vision for the future.

Services specializing in:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Assessments - Individual and Organizational

  • Communication, Leadership, Management, and Personal Development Courses

  • Family Business Consulting

Ideal Client Base:

  • Family-Owned Businesses

  • Corporate Leaders/Leadership Teams

  • Organizations in Transition

  • Next Generation Leaders

  • Entrepreneurs

About Ellen Cooperperson

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Ellen Cooperperson is the Founder, President and Chief Learning Officer of Cooperperson Performance Consultants, Inc. 


As a best-selling author, bold thought leader, communications consultant and trusted advisor to family businesses, Ellen has moved and inspired thousands to change, grow, and succeed. A pioneer in executive coaching, she has been instrumental in boosting employee effectiveness and maximizing individual, team, and corporate performance from entrepreneurial companies to multi-national organizations.


In 1978, Ellen achieved a precedent-setting victory in the NY State Supreme Court, and demonstrated the impact of language on cultural inclusion. Her name change case is a vivid example of a “Courageous Conversation™”, a term she coined for the method she teaches to quickly and effectively establish psychological safety and resolve conflict.  


Ellen received her MA in Organizational Development from Norwich University, a top ranking military academy. She is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), as well as a Certified Master Coach and Facilitator. 

Ellen’s strategic thinking, change management capabilities and presentation skills capitalize on three important resources: People, Productivity and Profit by forming collaborative partnerships within organizations to successfully implement transformational initiatives.