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Behavioral Interviewing

An interview is a conversation, a give and take of information…but from the Interviewer’s perspective it is a conversation with a purpose; to get all the information needed to make a good hiring decision. That critical choice relies on three critical decision-making factors: Can Do - Skill, Will Do - Motivation and Right Fit - is this candidate a good match for the Organizational Culture? Regardless of skill and motivation, hiring a person who is a bad cultural fit is a poor choice. The employee will never reach optimal performance, be fully engaged, and they are more likely to leave.

The fact is that traditional interviewing predicts future success by only 10%. Behavioral Interviews are 500% more effective than traditional models as a predictor of success. Successful behavioral interviews are the result of careful planning and preparation so the interviewer can use available time as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Work Interview

Course Details:

Audience/Who Should Attend:
  • HR Professionals, Department Heads, Managers, Team Leaders

Course Description:
  • Use “success factors” to clarify the exact competencies you need for the job

  • Demonstrate the questioning techniques that effective interviewers use to probe for skills, motivations and right fit. 

  • Recognize the techniques experienced candidates use to impress and learn to read the subtle cues that tell you where to look further.

  • Analyze the information from the interview using a focused framework and avoid the most common problem in decision making

  • Putting all that together, you will have the best possible recipe for choosing the best applicant every time.

Course Purchase Options

Course Features:
  • 2 Session Course – One full day followed by one half day

Looking For Something Else?

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All courses can be bundled together, and the foundation course is the best starting point. 

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