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How to Do the 6 Things That Matter

Most When Helping Someone Change Their Behavior

CONNECT 4 – Accountability Coaching

Achieving absolute honesty and maintaining complete respect while addressing tough problems, requires skill. And six extraordinarily effective skills, based on solid research and a deep understanding of what really motivates people to change, is what this course offers. The Connect 4- Accountability System ™ cracks the code of how to overcome resistance to change and demonstrates techniques in preparing leaders to set clear expectations and improve bottom-line results. These 6 simple techniques take your employees to the next level in driving accountability and removes people’s chronic excuses for resolving broken promises and failed results. DISC Behavioral Styles included.

Image by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova

Course Details:

Target Audience:
  • Leaders, Managers, HR professionals, Coaches, and Project Managers who are committed to people’s success

Course Purchase Options

Blended Learning Course:
  • 7 Session Course Total (8.5 hours)

  • Connect Foundation Course (2.5 Hours) PLUS 6 (1 Hour) Virtual Workshops:

    • Connect Foundation – Who You Are; How You See Others – Taking Inventory of Your Coaching Style

    • What Coaches Do and Don’t Do

    • Identifying the Top Ten Bad Habit Behaviors that Keep People Stuck – Why You Do the Things You Do – Triggers and Terrors

    • Evaluating the Risks and Benefits of Negative Behavior – Self Deception and Delusion

    • Preparing for Change: Removing Temptations and Stressors, Adding Good Habit Reinforcers

    • Moving Into Action – Baby Steps – Getting Through It as You Do It – The Built-In Forgetter – Relapse as Part of the Process

    • Accountability Buddies – Measuring Results – Making Change Stick 

Looking For Something Else?

If you are looking for a custom course we are happy to have a consultation with you! Contact us today and we will schedule a call as soon as possible. 



All courses can be bundled together, and the foundation course is the best starting point. 

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