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Not-For-Profit Foundation

The Women’s Educational and Counseling Center, a not-for-profit 501.c3 organization, was founded by Ellen Cooperperson in 1976 to provide information and guidance to women at all stages of their careers through its publications, learning and development programs and network of affiliated resources nationwide.


Since its inception, WECC has served over 20,000 women and hundreds of organizations dedicated to the advancement, empowerment and inclusion of women in every area of life. 

Confident Woman

Centers of Excellence 






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* 10% of each sale is donated to WECC

Women NOW     & Yes Baby, She's My Sir

From a 40+ year perspective “Women NOW” answers significant questions about feminism, the Women’s movement, and the most powerful feminist group in the nation.
Today, “Women NOW” creates a forum for an extraordinary consciousness raising experience!
Produced and directed by Ellen Cooperperson in 1978, this 42 minute presentation is not only a nostalgic recreation of the early days of the feminist movement, but a must see for the next generation about why the struggle for equality must continue.
The video also includes the 25 minute film, “Yes Baby, She’s My Sir”. This animated and live dramatization explores the world of language and its impact on people’s lives.

Desire Discipline & Determination

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Ellen Cooperperson became a single parent to a five-year-old boy at the age of 26. When her son was 14 he was diagnosed with “incurable cancer”. The surgeon’s words, “Prepare yourself, your son will die,” began to crumble her world, yet she KNEW that he would not. Fiercely determined, she found the one man who could save her son’s life, together they made medical history…

Blog Posts

(Coming Soon) Thin, Rich and Changing the World: How One Women Bridged the Gap Between Wanting and Having It All (Jean Nidetch -The Secret Ingredient to the Success of Weight Watchers)  

(Coming Soon) Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It: Harnessing the Power of Your Story to Bridge the Gap Between Knowing and Doing 



Level 1

Reckoning with Re-Entry

Level 2

Games Mother Never Taught You

Level 3

The Master Class

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