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Ellen Cooperperson has supported thousands of business leaders over three decades to help facilitate successful leaders toward positive lasting change in behavior for themselves, their people and their teams. 


With an intuitive ability to find hidden assets and opportunities in a business that others might not recognize, she breathes new life into issues that keep organizations stuck. 

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Executive Coaching

Ellen Cooperperson has provided communication skills training and Executive development coaching to leaders at all levels of organizations, including a wide variety of corporate clients, family businesses and entrepreneurs over the course of 30+ years. She creates customized action plans to guide learning and practice of communication tools and techniques to promote the six key components of business: Vision Shared by All, Developing & Retaining Talent, Resolving Issues, Metrics that Matter, Streamlining Processes and Profitability.


From sales to management to operations, how successful you are is directly related to how well you truly connect with other people. And simply, it’s all a matter of style. Understanding theirs… adjusting yours. Reams of research show that a personal connection is the number one factor in achieving your goals in business… and life. And your personality style is the key. Through Ellen Cooperperson's numerous courses, she is uniquely qualified to design initiatives that will align individual and organization behavior behind a shared strategic vision for the future.

Family Business Consulting

Ellen Cooperperson partners with family business clients to strengthen the family unit, while increasing the bottom line, reducing stress and assuring the financial security of family members and the succession of the business to future generations. Family-owned businesses are complex and unique, and Ellen understands that family dynamics are different from other businesses. With more than 25 years of experience working through the challenges and joys of operating a family-owned business, Ellen provides solutions that maximize the bottom line while keeping the family in harmony.


Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. We offer a variety of DISC assessments to suit your specific interests and needs. 

The thing I like best about working with Ellen Cooperperson is that what's truly important to you, becomes truly important to her, and she's not satisfied, until you're satisfied.

-Dr. John R. Obenchain Jr.

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