As the Chief Executive Officer of Cooperperson Performance Consulting (CPC), one of the leading organizational development firms in the Northeast, Ellen Cooperperson is recognized as an authority in corporate culture and communication, executive coaching, family and business strategy, team building and women’s leadership.

Ellen has helped facilitate successful leaders toward positive lasting change in behavior for themselves, their people and their teams. A dynamic coach, trainer and communicator, Ellen can inspire and move everyone from the C- Suite to the rank and file. With an intuitive ability to find hidden assets and opportunities in a business that others might not recognize, she breathes new life into a struggling organization.

Ellen was named one of Long Island’s 50 Most Influential People by the Long Island Press in their 12th Annual Long Island Press Power List.​

Ellen is adept at building revenue by strategic restructuring that can be the defining difference between mediocrity and billions.

With a client roster that reads like a who’s who for the rich and powerful in the tri-state area, Ellen’s views have influenced a generation of business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and community leaders.

Ellen’s strategic thinking, change management capabilities and presentation skills capitalize on three important resources: People, Productivity and Profit by forming collaborative partnerships within organizations to successfully implement transformational initiatives.

Ellen earned the American Society for Training and Development’s top awards for “Best in Training” and “Excellence in Organizational Transformation.”

Key programs are customized to meet the special needs of each client ranging from one-on-one coaching and overall strategic organizational design as well as performance and change management.

Ellen’s leadership has once again been acknowledged by Long Island media.

Ellen is a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP.

NLP encompasses the three most influential components involved in producing human experience:

Neuro: How you think

Linguistic: What you say

Programming: What you do

As a Conscious Creator and expert in determining how people do things, not only why they do them, through Ellen’s NLP techniques, you will learn…..

Every moment is a new choice and new choices = new outcomes. Anthony Robbins has called NLP “An incredibly powerful tool.”

Like earning a black belt in karate, with her extensive knowledge and experience in NLP, Ellen brings a deep understanding of how the mind works and when applied in training, can powerfully boost productivity.