Assessments and Surveys

The Cooperperson Performance Consulting Four Quadrant Assessment

How Does Your Organization Measure Up in Strategy, Systems, Finance and Teams

The CPC assessment process is the critical starting point for implementing growth initiatives in your organization. These assessments provide a comprehensive blueprint for organizational change. For over 25 years, CPC clients have utilized our Four Quadrants of Business Success Assessment Process to achieve extraordinary results.

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Complete an on-line DISC assessment to uncover your hidden strengths and seize your opportunity for growth
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The outcome of the Cooperperson Performance Consulting assessment process is a comprehensive, customized blueprint answering the questions:

    • Where is your company now?
    • Where do you want it to be?
    • What are the gaps?
    • What are specific actionable strategies that will bridge the gaps?
    • What is the step by step plan to get you there?

Cooperperson Performance Consulting’s Organizational Assessments Include:

    • Business Evaluations
    • Employee Surveys
    • Team Assessments
    • 360° Assessments
    • Personality Profiles
    • Leadership Assessments


The CPC Individual Assessments:
Developing Leaders and Selecting Top Talent

Cooperperson Performance Consulting’s Individual Assessment process combines the use of scientifically developed and validated tests and questionnaires with the solid expertise of seasoned, credentialed professionals to analyze, interpret and present the results. Individual Assessments provide critical support for leadership succession planning, executive coaching and management training. In addition, the CPC Assessment process is a defensible, economical and accurate process for organizations to select candidates for employment.

The CPC Individual Assessment Process is customized to meet your specific needs and may include:

    • 360º Surveys
    • Personal Style Preference Instruments
    • Critical Thinking Skills (Watson-Glaser II)
    • In-depth Selection Interviews
    • In-depth Professional Development Interviews
    • Assessment Center Role Plays/Exercises

The Outcome of the CPC Individual Assessment process answers the following questions:

    • What are the developmental needs of this individual to obtain higher levels of performance?
    • How ready is this individual for coaching and what areas need the most attention?
    • What is the personal style of this individual and what are the best ways to communicate with and motivate this person?
    • How do others perceive this person and what impact is that having on job performance?
    • How does this individual get along with the others on the team and what obstacles exist that prevent better relationships?
    • Is this candidate the right person for the job?
    • What skills will this person have to develop to grow with the changing needs of the organization?
    • How does this person learn best and what kind of training/coaching would be most appropriate?