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Effective Communication is the Key to Building High Performance Teams

An organization is a network of conversations: what leaders talk about and how they communicate is crucial to growing a successful business.

Effective communication requires dynamic people reading, active listening skills and knowing how to provide an on-target response.

Nearly six years ago the Crest Hollow Country Club opened its doors to Mom-memtum’s “2015 Achieving Extraordinary: Women’s Leadership Conference” – an event designed to build women’s leadership awareness and inspire change. Led by some of the most powerful woman CEOs, entrepreneurs and professionals in the country, the Women’s Leadership Conference was an event not to be missed.

I lead an interactive workshop called “Building and Leading High Performance Teams and Leaders.” The course was designed to help attendees understand what their personal communication style is, how it affects their team and how they can learn to read their team’s individual styles to build a working relationship with a foundation of trust and respect. In my experience, working with over 20,000 business leaders over the past thirty years, I’ve discovered that the fundamental difference between an exceptional communicator and a poor one lies in their definitions of what communication is.

In this workshop we dove further into that definition and helped participants to fully understand the key principles used by exceptional communicators – and practiced using them.

We broke down the filters through which your message needs to travel, providing attendees with a full exploration of listening skill best practices, the importance of grasping how opinions and points of view weigh heavily on how we see a situation and more.

We also examined the four key styles of communication, discovering which one you fit into and how you can quickly identify your individual team member’s styles – in a sense putting a “remote control” in your hands to give you the ability to switch between communication styles, ensuring that you are getting your point across effectively per individual.

With a simple, 20-minute online assessment, we can create a report describing your own strengths and weaknesses, your communication style and the impact that it has on your teams, your motivations and much more.

Six years later this topic of Effective Communication is still as important as ever. You can reap the benefits that the attendees of this previous workshop had experienced by signing up for our upcoming webinar, Getting Along with Anyone. We are hosting this webinar on Friday, November 5, 2021 at 11am EST. You can register here!

I guarantee that with the combination of this information and your willingness to try something new, we can make a huge impact on your effectiveness as a leader and your success in building high performance teams.


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