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We All Need "Best Buddies"

One of the most memorable, touching, and important Leadership experiences I've had was hosting a seminar for CEO's and inviting a young man with developmental disabilities to be our opening speaker.

His friend, another High School student and leader in training from "Best Buddies" was on stage with him standing at his back.

Although the young man practiced for this event the entire summer, when he actually faced this audience of powerful executives, his words got stuck in the grips of fear. Gently, kindly and compassionately his Buddy placed a hand on his friend's shoulder.

We could all hear the exhale.

Within seconds, we listened to a message, that transformed the room. I remember thinking that we all need "Best Buddies", who have our back and won't let us fail.

Visit State Farm Neighborhood Assist to learn more about Best Buddies in New York.


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