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Time and Energy

“Think it through before you commit your time and energy to another project.”

Time and energy are limited resources. Sometimes, in an effort to complete a To Do list that reads like a wish list, we realize that by overcommitting, we do ourselves – and our projects – a disservice.

Your time and energy is not reserved for work. It is what you use to nurture personal relationships, for your hobbies as well as for completing a big project at work. If we expend too much in one area of our lives, we will be off-balance for the remaining sectors. Achieving that balance is one of the most challenging aspects of modern life- especially for those in corporate positions.

By spreading yourself too thin, you reduce the efficiency of your time and energy, resulting in tired relationships or a failed work project.

Can you train yourself to handle more? Of course you can – but that doesn’t happen immediately. It takes practice. It takes commitment. It takes time and energy.

The most important tool to develop is in ranking your priorities. By prioritizing tasks in order of importance, you can see not only where best to place your limited time and energy, but what tasks should require none at all.

Don’t take on extra responsibilities if you aren’t sure that you can complete them all to fruition.

Don’t say “yes” to hosting a dinner party if you don’t have the time needed to properly plan it.

Before committing yourself to more, think it through.

  • Are you comfortable completing all of your current tasks?

  • Do you find yourself wanting to take on more responsibility?

  • When you do complete projects, are they executed properly?

  • Do you find yourself giving the right attention to the right areas?

When you can handle another project, you typically know it. Your stress level is relatively calm and you find yourself consistently meeting deadlines.

We all work better and more efficiently when our abilities are equally matched with our workload. When we have the right amount of projects to challenge us, keep us satisfied and keep us mentally stimulated while also keeping up with deadlines and producing solid work, we’re happier. Our work is better, and our stress is lower.

Remember, if you don’t feel like you can handle another project, it’s okay to say ‘no’.


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